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IMFIFA got the news that Milan two players were awarded the title of Italian Future Star

Imfifa reports that Manuel Lucarelli and Patrick Kurt's as the 93th best Italian midfielder and striker, in Covey Ciano training base was the third honor of Italian young people, rising stars. More information are on our site imfifa where you can buy the cheapest FIFA 15 coins.

Italy's best young players 16 training base yesterday Covey Ciano soccer museum received the "Italian young people, Future Star" honor. This 16 players from the 95th to the 98th. His good performance was outstanding in FIFA 15.

Milan's two 18-year-old player Manuel Luca Hartley and Patrick within Kurt's among them, the best midfielder Luka Terry title, is the best striker in the Kurt's. I believe all FIFA 15 players know him well. You can buy these two great players in your FIFA 15 ultimate team.

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