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Huntelaar Unexpected Turn in German Bundesliga

Klaas Jan Huntelaar, is a Dutch football player,operated as the striker, right-footed, now playing in the bundesliga schalke 04 football club, and he played for the PSV eindhoven football club, real Madrid football club, Ajax footballl club, AC milan football club.Huntelaar is known as the most efficient sharpshooter after Marco van basten in Holland. and he keeping constantly score both in natioanl team and club, is thought to be "Van Nistelrooy the second".

Klaas-jan huntelaar in (schalke 04): This is one game originally belong to his own, but it's almost a disaster to play. After just three minutes, schalke have a chance to lead, It's captain Huntelaar's turn to take kick.

At this point, there are thousands of Huntelaar struggle in his mind, "the penalty must be easy to score and Mainzer is not very strong, Mainz teammates just feed the good bread on us, if not a "hat trick", at least brushing a brace, in this way i can conveniently into the front top scorer, so I finally won app". Huntelaar is happy at the thought of these, unexceptedly at last he missed the penalty, this also let he entered the period of the low tide of his game career.Fortunately Hfinally woke up, leading the team to win the game, luckily getting rid of the balme he has taken.

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