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How to win the FIFA 18 combat prize

Get the top award through our guide guide to get the main new features of the Ultimate Team. The team fighting is a new addition to the FIFA flag fleet, providing players with a chance to play the single-player game. By competing with the final team of other players' CPU control, you can get a set of packages and COINS within seven days depending on your performance.

Sound easy? It's not that simple. The bonus you've accumulated is based on a real-time ranking that's updated throughout the week - high enough to get the top award can prove a real challenge.

Follow these tips to reach the top 100:
1. Strengthen your lineup
It is vital to gain a skilled side before entering the squad. In this new mode, the level of difficulty increases, taking into account the chemistry of each team you face. Increased resilience ensures that every game offers a real challenge, especially when faced with a star-studded array.

At the very least, take the time to upgrade your team and then choose the hardest level to fight. Armed with a capable defender, defensive strong and prolific forward, you'll find it much easier to win.

2. Find your level of difficulty
If you want to get the highest reward for a small group battle, it's a legend. This does not mean that half a professional, professional or the world is not worth your time - to win the game is always better than lost, but, if you are skilled enough, legend will give you thousands of points per game.

This is the result of "difficulty bonuses", which will increase according to the level of challenge you choose. For example, Semi-Pro multiplies a portion of your score by 0.6, while an overly powerful Ultimate rating can provide an additional value of X2.6.

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