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How to score more goals in FIFA 18

If you know how to build your team the best, scoring lots of goals in FIFA 18 can be much easier. In this tutorial, we imfifa will introduce the best formation to achieve a large number of goals and the best strategy for scoring goals. You still have to put the ball behind the net, but at least you have a lot of chances to score.

While EA made some changes to FIFA 18 in its first major update. The 4-3-3 attack formation and setup we described in detail below is still a good idea. If you have more options, check out our guide to learn about the best formations in FIFA 18.

As your FIFA 18 sets scores goals, you just need to make some adjustments and tactics and player instructions. Drag your broad forward to give them RW and LW roles. Push your LB and RB to the LWB and RWB roles.

In the instructions Tab, your CM has the fewest attacks, stays when attacking, and actively intercepts. Make sure he also stays in his position; set your most aggressive forward in the instructions TAB, keep the cross on the border and have a free position; in the instructions Tab, your LWB and RWB always overlap.

In the instructions Tab, your central most aggressive CAM will keep moving forward, entering the cross and sticking to its position; for all attackers, set it to stay forward in the instructions TAB; set your tactics to high pressure.

With all these adjustments, you should find that your team's setup that helps to create many opportunities. The sad thing is that you're more open and confrontational, but if you're better than your opponent, that's fine!

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