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How to earn FIFA coins in FIFA 18

    How to earn FIFA coins in FIFA 18? The following will share with you some details for making FIFA coins in FIFA UT model. More information is on imfifa.co where you can buy cheap FIFA 18 Coins.

    "Resell" is highly recommended as the first way to earn FIFA coins. It is obvious that neither playing matches nor charging FIFA Point can match profit rate as in this way.

    1. Playing season match. If you win the champion in D1, you can get 15000 FIFA coins. It's a little hard for us because it depends on not only technology but much luck sometimes.

    2. Charging FIFA points. If you spend money charging FIFA coins or FIFA points, any way, it's a method faster than others to get good cards. But, the question is that you can't control the probability of arising good cards.

    Investment approach is the decisive factor in making profit. In general, it can be divided into two kinds of investment: short time and long time.

    Short time Investment:

    The short time investment can be chosen at the beginning of playing FIFA games, and this method is fast in liquidity, because buying and selling can be done promptly. For example, you can purchase in daytime and sell at night. Obviously, cash flows fast by using this method, with just little risk. Many a little makes a mickle, and this method rarely affects market fluctuations. However, the disadvantages are obvious, too. That is, no one can predict and ensure significant value. The kernel is that always list the card in the lowest price or in the lowest price queue so that the items may be earned quickly.

     Operation manner is as follows: Take Player A for example, set the highest "buy it now" price to search result in transfer market and find out that the lowest "buy it now" price is 11000 FIFA coins, so you need to sell Player A with 10000 FIFA coins. But considering the EA trade tax 5%, you will get 9500 FIFA coins at last. You must follow this rule when buying the players. Because our target is profit, so we need to sanely make a purchase in bidding time. And then, you can set max buy price with 8500 FIFA coins or profit figures. The system will show all bids which do not exceed the price 8500 FIFA coins of the card automatically, and now we just need to watch the bidding price one by one.

    There are some things you need to be aware of about short time Investment:

    1. Short time Investment is suitable for purchasing regular cards at the beginning of the game, because only a few regular cards     can be supplied, and the price won't drop drastically, so we could use this method to buy and sell.

    2. This way will cost you much time to watch the bidding price, and you must have enough time. Sometimes, there are too many players in the transfer market, and we couldn't follow so many people all at once, so we can select some players to follow day by day.

    3. Because game players of EA FIFA are in daytime rather than at night, the price in daytime is much higher than that at night.
    4. You must keep sanely when you bid, and don't forget EA tax and don't exceed the floor price.

    5. This method is not suitable for the middle and later periods of FIFA game.

    Long time Investment

    Of course, long time Investment means that you have bought the special card for a long time and sell the card when there is an increase in value, so you must have enough time and enough money to support. It can be summarized as:

    1. Regular card is always facing the devaluation risk, and black card is rare and value-maintaining. So there is no worry about buying black card.

   2. You must have enough patience to wait for the right time to sell them.