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How to carry out corner kick

Since the beginning of FIFA 17, the corner has become a way to aim the restricted area with a cursor.

Although the precision is improved, the ball from the corner ball out of the wonderful arc can also be glance, this way for the handle of the players is not friendly.

Because the player use the handle, use the right joystick to control the cursor. This aiming cursor often "reset (back to the small restricted area in the middle)". This time the players need to continue to exert a slight strength to control the right rocker tilt. It'seem very realistic, but it is very tiring effort. Players who use the keyboard are relatively comfortable because the cursor does not reset.

Then open the corner of the skills it In fact, the corner of the skills is "down", the general choice of our offensive players and the other goalkeeper position between the location to ensure that the door is close to the door and the other goalkeeper can not be enough.

This sentence may be a bit abstract, you may open a few corner you will be familiar with this sense of distance. Probably the placement can be selected between the small restricted area and the 12 yards.

As for the front point or after the point, to see the defensive arrangements at the time, generally I choose before / after the point, only the ball will be the top back to the restricted area in the middle, let the two players to finish playing the door, rarely choose Front or rear point to hit the door.

In addition you can also choose to open the short corner, press the LT key player can summon the corner of the ball near the work, you can just out of bounds when the ball tightly hold down the LT key, then the lens playback after you Will find that there are players standing next to the corner flag, then the other side of the defense certainly did not keep up with your rhythm.

After the short corner kick out, to copy the ball in the ball of the "bottom" approach on the line, you can choose to pass, inverted triangle or continue to reach the restricted area.

Another corner of the game there are quick tactics, before the corner is not issued, you can press the cross key, ask the players in the restricted area plan to choose the station to match you out of the corner (in fact, not big, I still recommend the corner , Fast to play slowly, kill the opponent a surprise, slowly transferred to transfer to the other side to stand a good position).

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