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How to Play FIFA 18 UT

FIFA 18 will be officially on sale, and the official side also released a lot of information on this game. How to play the UT system? And what’s the note of attention? More information is on imfifa.com where you can buy cheap FIFA 18 Coins.

Playing method:
Recently, EA announced new playing method of the FIFA18 UT: Squad Battles; daily tasks; champions channel; and new team challenge

1. Squad Battles:
This is FIFA18 new UT single mode. You will be able to challenge the star player, professional players or star team lineup and to win points, rising in the standings. The higher the ranking, the better the reward. The points won from the game are determined by the difficulty and lineup of your choice.
    The squad battles are shown in the form of weekly games, and EA will choose 4 sets of new lineup every day. You can view custom tactics of each lineup, formation and chemical reactions.

2. Objectives:
This is similar to the previous head coach task. In FIFA18, the corresponding reward will be earned with the completion of the daily and weekly tasks. Tasks include lineup management, buy and sell players, complete the game, new players entering the field and so on. The harder the task, the better the reward will be. You will get at least five tasks every day, and each person's task will be different.  A week task will also be refreshed every week, the difficulty will be increased, and everyone will get the same week task.
These tasks will run through the entire FIFA18, and can be done on the mobile APP and the game.

3. Champions Channel:
 EA finally launched the event replaying function. In the FIFA18 champions channel, you will be able to see the game videos of the world's top players in the week game. You can freely fast forward, rewind, adjust the perspective, and study their technical and tactical.

4.  Squad Battle Challenge
 Difficulty of SBC in FIFA18 will be increased, and some location will be locked. You must be in accordance with the requirements of EA to use a specific player.