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How to Operate Freestyle Football

On the freestyle football teaching, rather than we said teaching, it is a warning.

Imfifa play FIFA for many years, from the begainning that I can only pass, to now that I have several sets of freestyle action. Although there is a clear fancy control progress, imfifa really do not recommend everyone often play freestyle football.

First to do fancy, you have to clear the left joystick and the right rocker operation, and the end of the fancy action, the player's amateur left rocker and the right rocker angle. To practice to familiar with fancy football is a flashy thing, at least for beginners it is.

Why it is "flashy"? Now the collision system to strengthen the main reason is to take the picture as an example. AI is the world class, this difficulty, the defensive player will continue to approach, try to eat with your body. This time you do fancy action, the difficulty greatly improved.

I can easily get rid of these AI, no matter how difficult it is. They can not grab the ball, but the problem is that we have accumulated years of experience. To understand when these AI foot, when pause, if once face of real players, this freestyle is not a big effect.

Moreover, the fancy action is quite time-consuming, but slow down the pace of attack. Imfifa hope that when we are playing football, especially when attacking, be sure to play sharply, simply "fast". Practical means is change and emergency stop. Too much freestyle football is superfluous.

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