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How to Negotiate in Transfer of FUT

After you search players, the scout analysis, you finally selected target players. At this time you have to wait for the transfer window to open to ask clubs where targets players are in for transfer transactions. Then you will go into next steps, transfer negotiations which are divided into club negotiation and player negotiation.

Club negotiation: Scout will give you transfer fee range of favorite players. Imfifa suggests you choose the lowest price to the other club for trading. Generally the club will agree, otherwise you will raise new transfer fee next time negotiation.

But in some cases the other party players will not take part in negotiation. That is when the player just joined the team, or that player will retire clearly in one month in the next season after the transfer window.

Player Negotiation: The player negotiation is more complicated than the club negotiation. It mainly lie on the player's treatment. You have to set the player's weekly salary including bonus, terms), contract year. In general, our approach is to continue the treatment of these players on a club and then combine with the expectations of players.

This practice will make the players negotiations more smooth. If there is obstruction, it is just like renewal with the same treatment conditions continue to apply to the player. The transfer window is about to close when the players will agree most of the time.

Interactive transfer negotiations: the biggest innovation in this year's FIFA 18 coach mode is the new interactive transfer negotiation. As a new leader, now you can be immersive with other golf clubs and brokers for immediate transfer and contract negotiations.

If you do not want to participate in the negotiations, you can also at the new transfer center instruct and appoint a negotiation. FIFA 18 transfer includes some new improvements, as well as by adding incentives and terms, such as resale terms, termination terms, etc. to choose a new level.

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