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How is Midfielder of Real Madrid Compromised

According to Imfifa.co, a professional FIFA coins selling site, when Iniesta passed the ball to the right Roberto, only Roberto himself went forward. Left defensive lineup of Real Madrid was intact. Even though Roberto stopped the ball very accurately, he didn't choose to forward forcely.

In contrast, Bale also got a similar pass at right-back, but he couldn't stop it well, that he lost the opportunity to attack. So he handed off and gave a diagonal ball. Pique rescued then C Ronaldo and Alves fell down in the penalty area entangling together. Rodríguez lost the ball and chased to the left of thier own, but no one went to fill his position. Maybe he should not have chased, but players generally would siege crazily after the ball was lost.

Then here comes to Kroos. He blocked Modric's pass. Probably he did not escape, but his position was not good. After that his inexplicable pass to the right caused the attack suspended. Not only the pass was not accurate, it was really difficult for Danilo to catch. Since there was no teammate to reinforce, Danilo must deal with it by his own.

At that time, the focus of Real Madrid's attack has been pressed, but mostly on the left. If they got stopped, they would suffer counterattack. In contrast to the pass Iniesta gave to Roberto, Barcelona didn't put all pressure on. ​​It was just a speculative opportunity. So if they got it, it would be better. If not, it was also ok. Thus in Imfifa's opinion, both Barcelona's excellent performance and Real Madrid's unreasonable handling lead to Real Madrid's defeat.