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Herrera Not Satisfied with His Current Position

Last summer, Manchester United introduced Ander Herrera Aguera with the price of 29 million pounds. However, up to now, he hasn't showed his level in La Liga. According to www.imfifa.co, he felt disappointed with his position in Manchester United.

In June 2014, Aguera was known as one of the best attacking midfielder in Europe. But now nearly a year and a half later, Herrera did not play well at Manchester United. He has played 41 times for Manchester United and scored 11 goals. This season, he even became a substitute for Manchester united.

Herrera is worried that he can not progress under Van Gaal. He feels like he has lost his position, and even doesn't know what his role is. Moreover, his situation is this season is getting worse and worse. He is worried about his career may even be destroyed.

But it is worth mentioning that the United this season was criticized for not creating opportunities, which also makes a good chance for Herrera to regain the main position as he has good attacking ability. By the way, imfifa sells cheap FIFA 16 coins.