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Guardiola You Ruined A Generation of Genius Goetze

In an interview with the German Bild, the broker of German star Goetze rebuked Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola, saying the latter ruined Goetze.

In Dortmund, Goetze is an important piece of the offensive team, but in the hands of Guardiola, he does not seem to suffer reuse. Goetze's agent Walker - Manchester Rutter said: "Guardiola ruined Goetze, Goetze sensed, the coach did not trust him, but when he played, he was asked to be decisive."

Lancaster Beirut also noted that Guardiola only fielded Goetze in some easy game, and does not trust him the main event . "Goetze only play some easy games, I was surprised, No one in Bayern realized it, no one to protect Goetze. I was surprised, in the German Cup final, the important match in the Champions League semi-final, Guardiola did not use Goetze. "

Lancaster Beirut also believe that Bayern now need a more powerful leader. "Bayern need such a figure as Hoeness. "

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