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Guardiola Wishes Bayern Women Team Win

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Bayern coach Guardiola did not forget refueling the women's team while in preparing for fighting. In the week press conference before the game against Augsburg, Guardiola expressed the hope that Bayern women's team can get the Bundesliga champion this season.

"I hope to celebrate their championship, and of course that they can complete." Guardiola said he have had exchange with the women's team coach Bayern Wörle, but Wörle did not accept his proposal. "So they can win so many victories." Guardiola self-deprecating represented.

Bayern Board chairman Rummenigge said that if both teams can win, both teams will be with championship celebration on the 24th of this month. 33-year-old Bayern women's team coach Wörle represented that will prohibit the use of cell phones in the final game, "We'll keep the phone quiet, we have nothing to use it. If we win and get the Champions League qualification, which is very amazing."

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