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Guardiola Has A Lower Salary in Manchester City

Guardiola has officially taken over Manchester City. Previously there had been rumors that Guardiola would get the highest salary in Manchester City. So how much is it exactly?

In the beginning, Guardiola's annual salary was said to be up to 21 million pounds, which was a figure that undoubtedly created a football coach's salary history. However, the latest news shows that Guardiola's wages at Manchester City is not so high at all.

Turns out that his actual annual salary is 12 million pounds. While he coached Bayern, the annual salary was up to 15 million pounds. In other words, his annual salary reduced by 3 million pounds. But there are bonuses terms in Guardiola's contract. As long as he led Manchester City to win the Premier League title or the Champions League, then he can get millions of prize money.

Now, Mourinho's annual salary is 15 million pounds in Manchester United. In www.imfifa.co statement, Mourinho now is the top one.How I wish I have that much of money to buy FIFA 16 Coins.