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Guardiola Got a Good Beginning at Manchester City

Manchester City 4-0 won over Bournemouth, harvested 8 winning streaks in all competitions at the beginning. They scored 25 goals and lost just four goals. More information is on imfifa.co where you can buy cheap FIFA 17 Coins.

When Guardiola coached Barcelona and Bayern, he wasn't so good in the first eight games. In the German Super Cup opener Guardiola 2-4 lost to Dortmund when coached Bayern, although he got six winning streaks later.

When he coached Barcelona, the start wasn't smoothly too. Although the first battle in the Champions League qualifying he 4-0 won over Krakow, actually the second leg he 0-1 lost to rival. In La Liga he lost to Numancia. Fortunately he withstood the pressure to win the next four games.

It is still too early to talk about Manchester City's winning, but Guardiola's opening to coach Manchester City is really very amazing. By the way, now we have a new facebook Powerhone. If you have any questions, plz contact us there.