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Guardiola Goes to Manchester City

While everybody is still concerning about where Guardiola would go, www.imfifa.co broke the news that he would definitely go to Manchester City because his brother, also his agent, had already told the reporters that Guardiola would sign a contract with Manchester City fro three years.

Earlier, there was news that Manchester City and Guardiola had achieved a verbal agreement and even signed a pre-contract. As long as Guardiola 's contract with Bayern is over, he will go to Manchester City. From the situation now, it sounds like the news is true. So Manchester City is becoming more and more close to their coveted Guardiola. Hearing this, the Manchester City fans are so excited.

Although Manchester City's incumbent coach Manuel Pellegrini's contract will not expire until a year later, Manchester City will not hesitate to pay penalty to him for Guardiola. Pellegrini seems to also accept this result as he said that he hoped Guardiola could lead the team to a new height. Quite amazing! By the way, don't forget the 5% coupon code imfifacom.