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Global League Rank No.1 La Liga from iMfifa

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In 2014 the global league rank, the La Liga topped the list fifth consecutive year. Surprisingly, Serie A ranked second over the Premier League. The rankings concluded by IFFHS overall score based on the results the club has made in 2014 in the race.

Since 2010, the La Liga has been ranked first. In 2014, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Seville surged domestic competitions with outstanding record, while international competitions are more Seville’s European Cup and Real Madrid’s Champions League. The overall ranking is 261 points higher than Serie A.

Serie A and the Premier League's total points are very close, but the Serie A performance in European competition is slightly better than the Premier League. Argentine League ranked four, first in the South American country. The Bundesliga is down to the five, mainly due to the performance of Dortmund downturn in 2014.

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