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Galliani Interfered Mihajlovic Array

It has been said that direct free kick of Bonaventura was the key for AC Milan to defeat Crotone yesterday. But according to www.imfifa.co, Bonaventura and Montolivo did not enter the list released the first time. And the reason for the two people to play is completely because of the interference of Galliani.

On Monday this week, Mihajlovic announced the roster to compete for Coppa Italia, but it didn't include Montolivo and Bonaventura the two main players. Then Galliani got very annoyed after knowing this. He thought Montolivo and Bonaventura were important players for the Rossoneri and they were indispensable. He required Mihajlovic of recalling them back immediately. In this way, Bonaventura had the wonderful direct free kick.

However, other medias refuted the rumor. They said Galliani did not affect the team coach Mihajlovic's decision.Although they communicated quite often, the team tactics and playing style, as well as personnel arrangements are decided by Mihajlovic. By the way, click here to buy cheap FIFA coins.