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Four Games Changed Gerrard

In the latest magazine of 442, the former Liverpool captain Gerrard made a serious talk about his three Cup finals on behalf of Liverpool. They are the 2001 UEFA Cup Final, 2005 Istanbul Night Champions League final and 2006 The FA Cup final beating West Ham United that has also been called "Gerrard's final." In addition Gerrard also made 114 appearances for the England national team, of which one of his favorite games is 2001 on behalf of the motherland 5-1 blow Germany's away match.

Gerrard describes the four favorite games.
1. May 16, 2001, UEFA Cup Final, Liverpool 5-4 Alaves
"I was 20. I felt very special in scoring in the UEFA Cup final and helping the team win the Triple Crown." "Michael Owen pinpointed me ahead and I remember I closed my eyes and shot as vigorously as possible, Let the team made a 2-0 lead." "This game announced that I am a good Liverpool player, I know I can stay in this team for a long time."

2. September 1, 2001, World Cup qualifiers in Europe, Germany 1-5 England
"We were the weaker looking side before the race, but we dominated that night." "Rio Ferdinand gave me an assist, when he gave me his header back and I volleyed the ball off the chest, The ball crossed Oliver Kahn, my childhood admiration for the players." "That kind of game is the reason I like to play for the national team. "

3. May 25, 2005, the Champions League final, AC Milan 3-3 Liverpool (penalty shootout Liverpool won with 3-2)
"The fans are still singing when 0-3 is out, we just want to make the game a little more decent, and I'm afraid the score will get worse and the first goal gives us a glimmer of hope." "In penalty shootout I Did not pay attention to Andre - Shevchenko penalty, when I was focused on the penalty kick for the next team, I feel a bit scary, but fortunately, Du Teck saved the penalty. "

4. May 13, 2006, FA Cup final, Liverpool 3-3 West Ham United (penalty shootout Liverpool 3-1 win)
"I was asked a few times to play the best game in my career, and I think that might be the game." "I've had a perfect day and two goals and one assists." "When people call it I was flattered when it was 'Gerrard's final', but I did not think so myself because it was a disrespect for other players and it was a team game and it was only my day. "

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