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Four Excellent FIFA 18 UT Bargains

The FIFA Ultimate Team is as addictive as you swap football stickers on the playground, as in the case of Got, Got, Need, which will cost your money. If your virtual coin is a bit short, here are four of the best FIFA 18 Ultimate Team bargains that you can take over without breaking the bank.

1. Tom Gaston (GK)
Potential cost: 700
What needs to be known is that the goalie hero, made for burnley, won the England title. Heaton was awarded the FIFA 18 ultimate team. Thank you for your wallet. Not many people noticed his great statistics. His 83 reactions saw him go toe-toes (or gloves-gloves) with the best goalie in the world.

2. Gareth (RB)
Potential cost: 1,000
This guy is here and last year's FIFA 17 final team bargaining list for one reason: he's bloody good. With some of the best overall statistics in the game, and a frank, ludicrous 81 shots, gaspar will be a threat to attack and a solid behind. Be sure to buy it.

3. Kurzawa (LB)
Potential cost: 500
Don't let his unusual state fool you - this person can mix with the best. Only 500 COINS, if you're looking for a very cheap and reliable full set, PSG's Kurzawa is your man. Of course, he may lack some of his star teammates, but he's a great player, a solid ball to start.

4. Sebastian coates (CB)
Potential cost: 1,000
The former Liverpool man has had some recent revival. Even so, we didn't realize that we had become a very powerful center, and his 93 strong points proved that. Even if you can make big guys eye-opening in some way, he will continue to bite his heels.

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