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Forbes Commentary on Sports Influence from iMfifa

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At the beginning of 2015, Forbes Magazine selected out of the industry's most influential list of 30 people, and predicted that these people would change the entire 2015. In the sports list of 30, C Ronaldo and Neymar are football representatives, while Messi is not on the list.

Surprisingly, Messi is not even been elected to this Forbes list of 30 people. In the history of football, Messi is the only one won four consecutive Golden Globe, also led the team rounded out the World Cup finals in Argentina six months ago. Maybe even the Forbes judges believe that Messi has gone downhill.

In this sports list of 30, in addition to Neymar and C Ronaldo, King Djokovic tennis, F1 driver Sebastian Vettel, NBA player Paul Harden are also on the list.

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