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For FIFA 15 trophy method and the team tactics

In the FIFA 15 game also has the cup in the system, introduces the game FIFA 15 practical methods for the trophy, trophies won several difficulties is first fall on the ground, the pure look at faces, with real Madrid to Saudi Arabia, the slow speed of rivals, goalkeeper becomes 0, his own set to full defense, minimize his teammates, all that remains is to see a face. The trophy first not shovel shot, but running in the loose, so cross shovel shoot don't practice. Mainly on the ball to compare a few bigger, and then observe the goalkeeper to catch the moment according to the shot, don't tube ball how far is it from you, want is abnormal shot from distance.

So, reference not to watch, see the other goalkeeper, should can solve a few times. Without a cyclotron, is actually hold the L2 long shots, or real Madrid is better solved. Accelerated after a few times, according to the L2 shot after into small steps, real Madrid all the bugs can be basically solved. Or your opponent into a speed of 0. Another championship trophy is such, selected 32 team in the game, simulation game, then use SL solution, to the next round to win, lose the inventory, finally win the jump. Can a don't need to really kick can be solved. Goal-line clearance the cup, just touched the line, the ball or the net, but also forget it.

Team tactics: generally USES three wire speed, style, system structure, the front main set attack movement more forward or coordination. The midfielder is main lightning or fast forward. The back is oppressive and position before and after the wide tight. Midfield and movement are random strain or option to stand your position! The important thing is the team's defence, oppressive is decided you play defense or tight formations, high stance on + oppression can nip up play in the midfield but at the same time easy to play behind, back + not urgent can prevent balls but easy to pressure.

Width is the defence position is compact or spread out, many people don't realize the importance of that! You middle dense compact Barcelona types of infiltration and long shots are hard to break through can easily blow your side, but your opponent out can be a good fight side but the door wide open! Is the most changeable winger, can be used as a winger or more cross winger in the wing began to organize.

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