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Football is to strengthen friendship between the Russian and Germany

Open the Gazprom official sports homepage, football and Schalke 04 is to build a bridge of friendship between the Russian and Germany, this sentence sees impressively. Now consider the political relationship between the West and Russia confront each other with nervous, such a statement is eye-catching.

Since it become the shirt sponsors the Bundesliga outfit in 2007, the Russian enterprises and the Schalk 04 became close partners by fifa. The commercial contract was signed by president of the club Clemence Tonith.

Fortunately, the current European political tensions, is not substantial harm to the development of football in europe. For example, thousands of households European fans prepare to see the Champions League in front of the TV, they also frequently see Russian’s advertising. But to be sure, it is because the influence of the Russian capital in the football field for more powerful, has made the European countries solving problems in Russia has been a big obstacle.

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