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Football baby have to a quarrel in the training

The high level of dance, requires not only jump good-looking, action must be original, generally more than two minutes of the program, high difficulty action required to achieve more than 13. Captain Li Xue describe the state of the choreographer, "his ears stuffed with headphones, the mirror swing, keep hands and feet gesticulate. Every choreography are particularly painful, too difficult." In order to help Fifa foot match, the teachers and students rack their brains again, " I think, must let the perfect combination of dance and soccer."

Black hot shorts, silver ultra small suit, with lace corset, this attire also embodies the wisdom of the girls. Each with a costume, they have to "a quarrel", team Liu Lin said: "spend the least money to buy the best clothes, that is a difficult task, online shopping is necessary. Buy this or that, people always have different opinions, can only pick."

One minute on stage, the audience ten years of practice. Sexy dance behind the players, condensed the sweat and tears. "Adolescent weight control is very difficult, in order to lose weight everyone think a variety of ways, not eating, exercise more, but still no effect. With an undefeated ambition, the girls won success in various dance contest.

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