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Football Players Network Influence Rankings

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C Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, who is actually the first in football, is a matter of debate. The two compare is an enduring topic, but the latest study from www.imfifa.co showed that, C Ronaldo online influence is beyond over Messi.

This is a consulting firm. They draw conclusions through the analysis of two of the world's best players on the Internet influence. The expert team obtained the scores of players comprehensive performance. And surprisingly, the player in the first row is neither C Ronaldo nor Messi, but Manchester United star Wayne Rooney. C Ronaldo ranked second, while Messi only ranked ninth.

It is reported that a team of experts of the company, to set about 100 parameters of this study, in-depth analysis of the selected players on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google +, YouTube. The influence of individual players on the site, and finally calculate the score, make the final rankings.