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First Signed Chinese Football Player in Real Madrid

The 18 year old  Liangming Lin became history's first Chinese player who has a contract with Real Madrid club. Lin has already debuted in the Real Madrid and currently live in the players' apartment in Real Madrid's training base with Cheap FIFA Coins.

At this stage, he is accompanied by translator, and at the same time he is learning spanish. His teammates said he was very hard to learn, but also very polite. The coaching staff said that he was very prominent in many aspects, while the speed was very fast.  Butragueno said Lin would play an important role in this season.

Lin said he had achieved a lot of Chinese young people's dream at the FIFA 16 coins station. He would improve his leveland play as much as possible to gain access to Castilla team.

When imfifa FIFA coins asked who was his favorite player, he did not hesitate to answer: Cristiano Ronald. He is the best player in the world, and also my idol and role model.

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