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Fifa says it will intensify against racism

Encounter in the Brazilian World Cup after criticism of racism behavior punishment strength, commitment in the next World Cup, FIFA about racism event will be more strict punishment. Even to deduct the club will include a certain points and the method of expelling international club. Blatter has make the rules of FIFA's subordinate departments issued a notice, to suggest some racist against stadium "novelty", but the final decision will be held in June 2015 FIFA convention.

In weber, vice President of FIFA anti-racism working group meeting, hosted by FIFA said in a statement, in the next World Cup racial discrimination against any form of adopted a policy of zero tolerance, has the very vital significance. FIFA President sepp blatter said that watch the World Cup final after Brazil with Russian President vladimir putin, both sides have signaled their intensify against racism will be the focus of the next World Cup.

Weber also further pointed out the processing of the Russian football long-standing racial discrimination will face challenges. Russia won the 2018 football World Cup bid in 2010. Russia's World Cup organizing committee says, are working on a solution against racial discrimination in the field of all.

Meanwhile, he also expressed his players were injured in the national team training and competition, national team should belong to the club for the player to compensate position problem. He said: "every team should be in the interests of the club, if the system established in the future, compensation is necessary. But for some poor African countries and there are some unfair, if injured when didier drogba in the national team, you can't ask the ivory coast football association to Chelsea lose money."

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