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Fifa World Cup bid Britain accused is darker than Qatar

Recent U.S. attorney for the Qatar Garcia shady survey has been submitted to FIFA in the process of the election, but the report also sprung, UK time on Thursday morning, will disclose details, let's shout surprise, according to a report in Qatar had won a "clean", allegedly shady deal but the fa!

2010, Qatar won the 2022 World Cup bid, and since that time, the British media began to constantly revealed in the process of Qatar's bid to host the scandal, a lot of insider trading were dug, includes bosses haman, blatter, beckenbauer, when prosecutors Garcia finished after the World Cup to undertake shady survey, FIFA refused to open, it was once the media interpretation for FIFA to protect the calf.

But the fa in the process of World Cup bid gets more and more, especially the fa had courted former FIFA vice President jack warner, after Britain's daily telegraph once disclosure, jack warner and his family for a qatari company $2 million, the "deal" is closely related to Qatar to get 2022 World Cup success.

In addition, jack warner to prince William and the British prime minister David Cameron has promised, will vote for England, but in the end before the FIFA President or his promise.The fa a spokesman said. "we are strongly against the about the improper in the process of England World Cup bid."

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