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Fifa Club World Cup bid conditions limitation

After FIFA's written notice, the Chinese football association yesterday to the local association issued "about from 2015-2016 or 2017-2018" the world club cup's bid to host the letter of intent. But due to the caterer BanSai cost is mainly composed of responsibility, the bid winner shall do two, and follow the standard $25 million a year pay deposit to FIFA, coupled with the event management major in FIFA's hands, the bid time constraint, so local football association or domestic enterprises difficult to sell, evergrande [microblogging] you could undertake also into doubt.

For the prospect of the bidding for the club World Cup, the Chinese football association is not optimistic. Association officials said, as early as evergrande last year to participate in the club World Cup during the race, the Chinese football association has the leadership of the club World Cup bid to FIFA's top consulting. FIFA President sepp blatter also said that if China can undertake the club World Cup, has positive significance for the Chinese football and soccer. The Chinese football association has also to local football association "blowing", but so far no a local football association have positive response.

According to the arrangement, FIFA will provided on April 15 to bid intention of a member of the football association to issue the bid documents, considering the internal examination and approval of the state sport general administration procedure strictly, the Chinese football association rules, all that interested in bidding for the local football association, must will be before March 18 event venue, where the government and the provincial sports bureau's bid to host the approval letter submitted to the Chinese football association. QiJun says, "time is very tight, late one day, the bid will be delayed. This is also our in advance before sent a letter to the local football association" blowing."

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