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Fifa 2022 World Cup or change the Opening time

FIFA executive committee, flourishing in 22, according to the 2022 World Cup football match will be held in Qatar, because the players and the fans will face the danger of high temperature, and plagued by corruption charges of Qatar said they want to change to winter.

Mr. Wang zhen he recently told reporters, "I personally think that the 2022 World Cup final will be held in Qatar", he added "staff said if the World Cup in this case, they could not afford to have such a responsibility." Qatar side has repeatedly said that although the summer the temperature here is probably more than 50 degrees Celsius, but they can through the cooling technology to be introduced into the stadium to overcome this problem. This, wang zhen, he said only cooling venues, enough fans from all over the world in this travel, they will also face the danger of high temperature.

In may this year, the FIFA President sepp blatter said, choosing Qatar holding the 2022 World Cup is a "mistake", because the weather is too hot there. Now, he says, a feasible way is to change events to winter, but the proposal was met with a cold, because, the proposal on the time conflict with multiple European football league. If you choose to 11 to 12 months, Europe's top league will be forced to shut down, and the rest of a choice in 1 to 2 months, and then will host the winter games.

Says nasser, Gregory hartl, director of the organizing committee of the Qatar spread "is bound to encounter some resistance change time, this is normal. This is the first time the World Cup game changing time, perhaps later will become the norm, and this experience will become a reference template in the future."

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