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Fifa 15 vieri serie a players use skills

FIFA 15 legendary players although price is not high, but it has always been old players nostalgia.

Christian vieri's features:
1, strong.+ 87 the power of the large model, on the pitch is tanks, but heavier, good 83 invasion;
2, good shot.From 90, 87 shot force, long shots, 82, heading 90.Legendary shot is pretty good, actually forward general at around $90;
3, special good, is complete striker (complete forward) special effects.

Christian vieri weakness:
1, speed in general;
2, poor flexibility, the ball is ordinary;
3, 3 star inverse + 3 star technique.
4, physical fitness, easy injury late in the second half.

Use skills:
1, multi-purpose he did stand, and don't use him with the ball, the ball after the ball as soon as possible.
2, turn around and get the ball, cooperate with the opponent's selfesteem. persevere LT swoops down to like.
3, have the opportunity to try difficult shot. Positional warfare to keep the ball shot directly in the penalty area.
4, the most important, let vieri run up to play his power.
5, the legendary striker has a common characteristic, more shots.

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