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Fifa 15 players ranked Messi to return to the first

Over the past few years, following his throne has been Lionel messi and C Ronaldo, between two people and in the aspect of the game, the FIFA series and live football series also often let two people act as cover, enough to prove that two people in the fierce competition. Recently, the famous game company 15 EA unveiled its new FIFA player ability values in the top 50. Players in the game ability value on Lionel messi C Ronaldo has become the first pressure by a nose.Which messi's capacity value reached $93, ronaldo in 92, followed by the gap between two people is only 1 minute.

Breakdown, messi dribbling, speed, shooting, passing 96, 93, 89 and 93 respectively, and the technical level for four stars. Ronaldo, pace, dribbling, shooting, passing, the header is respectively 93, 91, 93, 91 and 93, and technical level for five stars. After Lionel messi and C Ronaldo in the top 10, three players tied for third with 90 points, they are respectively robben, zlatan ibrahimovic and neuer.With 89 points, andres iniesta and suarez schweinsteiger, franck ribery and azar is 88 points.

In the top 50 list of star, the biggest winner club is bayern, a total of 11 players. The second is that real Madrid, there are 8 finalists. The Spanish champions atletico because two players costa and Kurt tuva has gone to Chelsea, and no one was selected, on the other hand, the new Brazil captain, the team's star in maldives is only on the 30th.

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