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Fifa 15 players all properties is introduced

What do you think FIFA 15 player attributes? May have a lot of the players of the game FIFA 15 don't really do not know the method and main points, detail FIFA15 player all the attributes of related content. The detailed property sheet about the player has four indicators: physical, mental, technology, characteristics, the goalkeeper.

Physical fitness, including accelerating (instantaneous start acceleration), running speed (the speed), agile (casting fluidity), balance (will not out of balance by the outside world or their own reason), jump competition ability (air), perseverance, opening, backwardness, the mood is still), strength (shot strength, ability to compete), reaction (ball back quickly).

Spirit, including the aggressive (often attack) and intercept (plan), attack position attack (good), view (passing, shooting accuracy is high.

Technology, including the ball, cross, dribbling, overall quality, free kick, header, unmarked and long pass, short pass, shoot, long shots, standard interception, tackles, sideways shot, banana ball, twelve yards.

Goalkeeper traits, including swoop, play ball, open the door, reaction, covering (choose according to come to the ball stand near post, at the far post, or central).

In career mode, accumulate over a long period, the player will be growth, they not only reflected in the growth of age, and there will be increase on attributes. As long as the players often get exercise, then he will get some of the properties.

In general players within the four indicators of technical indicators, there are three or more attributes are red or green (green and dark green), in accordance with the contents of the multiple attributes can determine the direction of the player. Worth mentioning is the age, property is the main reference part, but also can not ignore age, now each big league young players can play 16 years, the golden age of the players is generally at the age of 23 to 28 years old (except for C Ronaldo), and the players go to 34 is basically (except for frank lampard).

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