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Fifa 15 online club mode on imfifa

FIFA 15 formal version listed, with legitimate players have opened FIFA 15 tour.

1, online club and SIMS set the options, and 14 basic same, obvious change in the character set, set more than a style, penalty, celebration and so on can be preset, celebration is in the shop to buy, buy after selected, figures in the game automatically performance goals.

2, 75, the initial creep properties of small achievement set and Fifa 14 nothing too big difference, or familiar trigger conditions.

3, club games in the default view is not very comfortable, need to reset.

4, into the next game after the end of each game rhythm very quickly, in a game, after the completion of only 15s the cancellation of the time, it must be full cancel to cancel the countdown, as long as meet the requirements for the kick-off would go directly to the next.

Although accelerates the pace of the game, but there was a need to adjust, it is easy to not complete withdrawal from open directly over time lead to miss the next game, as soon as possible communication between need to teammates.

5, in the game by the opponent into a quality is not high to rub, estimated to rub shot really need to weaken, rather than the previous generation goal success rate decreased significantly, volley shot success ratio is not high, these can also be caused by shot attribute is not high, but rub just impressive, isn't very sharp.

6, the most impressive is the computer game AI, than 14 improved obviously, whether it's stance runs pass, let a person feel the computer is also true of teammates, can and team on the same pace, especially excels to attack. Defensive stance is no problem, but pass what is easy to be left away.

7, title-winning campaign will be cheering together after the movie, looked at was happy.

8, when a club team-mate is not in the game, dynamic will be prompted to other club teammate, who scored, for example, how to record will live broadcasts, feel very has the sense.

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