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Fifa 15 legend inzaghi use experience

Fifa 15 there are many star legend, in which milan legend inzaghi is a representative figure of opportunistic striker, but wants to reflect this soccer talent in the game is really difficult, in addition to poor several 90 + data and good effects, the other is horrible. In practical use, only give full play to his strengths, can make a difference. With pippo inzaghi session is not much, 30 to 40 games around, he wasn't wonderful goal, but data can provide at least 1.5 of the ball, is the highest efficiency in the legendary striker.

Inzaghi's features:
1, the area very good shooting. 93 Finishing let him become the most efficient in the area of the terminator;
2, good movement, quick response. God has an offside, with 94 movement, effect.For the reaction of up to 93 values, EA said: I already do my best.

Inzaghi's weaknesses:
1, outside without scoring ability. Long distance shot force of 69, 61, basic it is outside the area to help goalkeeper to warm up.
2, poor physical quality. Very poor model, a touch flew, startup well (87), absolute speed (83).
3, dribbling ability is poor.
4, samsung skills.

Practical use:
1, must be shot in the penalty area. 94 shot data is not white, with extremely high goal conversion rate in the penalty area, single pole success rate is very high also, in the big box, aimed shot dead Angle, most of the time he won't let you down.
2, the ball is prohibited. Of course so exaggerated, which means to quickly handle the ball after the ball, just a defender can easily break the ball under his feet.
3, individual does not recommend him to use 2 1, too much to let himself go to run, so harder to defend.

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