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Fifa 15 XBOX ONE sales in the UK beyond the PS4

Since the PS4 and XBOX ONE listed in the previous games market in Britain, PS4 all hardware lists the top position for a long time, but the situation has been broken. According to foreign media reports, with the help of the FIFA 15 and many other game software, the XBOX One last week in the UK last sales exceeded PS4. According to foreign media coverage of the MCV, some retail sources for this information. Allegedly in FIFA 15, with the help of the XBOX One hardware sales increased by 155%.

In Britain, the growing popularity of the EA football games specifically for Microsoft's next generation host advertising. In addition the XBOX One in the UK has also conducted limited promotion, is to depreciate 20 pounds for sale, it may also be the host and a power of sales promotion. Britain is a country very love football, and it also benefited from FIFA 15 and price policy.

Microsoft must attach great importance to this fact, because from the recent Xbox One host started coming ashore in the Asian region, show host set off another round of offensive war again. EA sports have on YouTube Xbox 15 One FIFA official propaganda, effect is amazing. Just two minutes, shows the multiplayer games, FIFA 15 stimulate players so much attention, like a scene. They rob the ball, block, or even malicious tackle. Video finally has a bright spot.

This year's FIFA He Xinyi games have? Players now have a memory, a crucial moment performance expression, such as bad tackles, missed opportunities or excellence goal, etc. Goalkeeper to production, there are 50 new animation, enhance the goalkeeper intelligence, and saves at the last second, close to the truth. In addition to the improvement of visual effect, dribbling and control system overhaul, rotating, fly kick accuracy will increase sharply.

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