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Fifa 15 Bayern is eager to learn from Manchester mistakes

iMFifa.COM, Buy Fifa Coins, Fifa 15 Bayern Munich 3-2 defeat at Manchester city on Tuesday, can't be a coach pep guardiola, who says his side will lead to the mistakes of failure for the first time since August the best time to study. Fifa 15 Bayern Munich have been fixed on the top of the Fifa champions league group E before they travel to Manchester, but the future is still 2-1, 85 minutes before the game control, although played most of the game with 10 men.

Optimal two personal mistake, however, the hosts in the dying minutes, the Fifa premiership champions a rebound in unexpected victory, let them they seem destined to collapse in the competition, in the Fifa 15  group stages. "Happily, it happened here," guardiola, who see l 'aquila Luo Jin ball all three goals to his usual trained defense, they most sheet, said this season.

Aguero's hat-trick goal bayern have been shipped in 12 matches the total amount of the bundesliga season. "It's going to be a lesson to us in Fifa, because if this happen in 16 rounds or eight, you out of the competition," said the Spaniard. Only a loss of bayern Munich, is for borussia Dortmund in Germany super cup this season in August, because of their tensile unbeaten, with 18 games, until Tuesday.

Although injury and change his starting line-up and Sebastian Harold and Pierre hoy don't win a rare start string, guardiola is determined to ensure that his team has five wins five group game in Fifa 15. From xabi alonso and levante, goal is offset by more early penalty bayern refused to surrender, paid the price, only focus at the end of the error and Argentina aguero scored twice in six minutes of the game.

"We lost, lost if we can't play well, it is not good, but the team did not deserve to lose. I'm very proud of my players. "Pep guardiola VipFifa15.COM said. "Playing 70 minutes with 10 people against the premiership champions need a lot of effort. We have a lot of personality. ""We lost the ball twice, both times, we vipfifa15 had a penalty," the winger arjen robben. "It is a real shame because we played very well and we deserved. ""We can be proud of yourself, because we don't hide. We are strong, although we are a people." More info about Manchester mistakes and cheap Fifa Coins online from http://www.imfifa.co/