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Fifa 14 World Achievement Chart 90 Minutes True Madrid Beat Barcelona Million Goal

Fifa 14 officially became essentially the most well known of this year's football game. To celebrate the achievements with the game,EA released a statistical image a Fifa 14 worldwide,like one of the most well-known teams and players,targets as well as other information.

Most fans of Real Madrid group have been low : 717,000 people today ; Barcelona : 643000 folks ; Manchester United : 631,000 persons ; Arsenal : 598,000 men and women ; Bayern Munich : 381,000 people today.Maximum variety of objectives a player is C Luo,has scored a total 35.2 million.Followed by Benzema,26700000.The third is Mario Mandzukic,20200000.Massey students ranked only fourth,19.4 million.Will True Madrid and Barcelona fans immediately after a squalling when here is certainly material.
Much more intriguing is winning in between the teams,although that is only inside the game ,
but much more or much less in a position to explain the actual strength of the present among quite a few massive clubs.Up against Bayern Munich,Genuine Madrid,reaching 9,638,429 games, winning 39% of True Madrid,Bayern winning percentage of 40%,just a little beyond the compact series of overall health.Followed by the Spanish National Derby,a total of eight,960,823 games, winning 49% of Genuine Madrid,Barcelona 33%. Barca 's game against Bayern total 2,548,348 games, winning 33% of Barcelona,Bayern winning percentage of 48%,the German boss entirely afraid of Catalan.

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