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Fifa 14 FUT Support Mobember

Electronic Arts and Fifa 14 Ultimate Group are committed to raising awareness for Movember and guys's overall health.EA raised over $85,000 for Movember final year and won the International Gaming Challenge amongst our competitors. This year, EA has 24 teams participating about the globe. And now you as well could be a part of our moustache challenge!

Show your support for the lead to by performing the Movember celebration following every aim you score in Fifa 14 this month. Our friend and Throughout the month, there will probably be Movember activities taking place in Fifa Ultimate Group. Take portion inside the Movember Cup Tournament, offered now in FUT and operating until November 7.

Movember Cup InformationTo enter, your FUT squad should have one hundred Chemistry.On the web players will earn one particular Gold Premium Pack the initial time they win the Movember Cup and 2000 coins for every single additional win.Offline players will get one Gold Pack the very first time they win the Movember Cup and 1000 coins for every extra win. All players will obtain a Movember Cup Trophy each and every time they win the Cup.

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