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Ferguson High Evaluation on Neymar

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There comes out of talents in every generation, leading the trend for hundreds of years. Messi and C Ronaldo are Genghis of course, but the Lord of the 90 football genius has gradually formed a class to seize power and grab momentum. Messi and C Ronaldo will be the end of the rule for the Golden Globes in the near future?

The answer to this question is not simple, but the former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is not willing to see things so complicated: "Messi and C Ronaldo now and then are the best without a doubt."

Ferguson said during a recent interview," Neymar exposure is particularly high in recent years. We all think he has unlimited potential. But I have to say that Neymar evaluation is very high. Anderson talked about Neymar with me in the squad, his evaluation of the compatriot is really very, very high. In all honesty, I also hope Neymar can be like Messi and C Ronaldo in the future."

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