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Fan Picked up FA Cup Final Tickets

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As one of the FA's campaign events, organizers attached two final tickets to a weather balloon, and flying at Wembley Stadium. When it is worth mentioning, the balloon is specially equipped with GPS positioning system, the FA official tweets can update status and balloon flight of the route at any time.

Eventually, the balloon burst at an altitude of 29,000 meters, then fall to the oak forests of Kent and East Sussex junction. A fan named George - Lamb has concerned about and chased the whereabouts of the balloon, and ultimately he was fortunate to become the owner of these two final tickets.

For the upcoming Wembley match, Lamb is very looking forward to, "In the morning I woke up, my mind has been thinking about seeing the FA Cup final. This is my first trip to watch in Wembley, I am really very happy. "

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