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FIFA will open seminar on Brazil tactics for the World Cup

Sep 11 and 12, two days meeting participants is in North America and the Caribbean uefa and FIFA in South America, the two uefa member association manager and technical director have been invited to attend. It is understood that the meeting in 11, the opening ceremony, FIFA secretary general Mr G and these two FIFA President will attend.

FIFA, the seminar will be divided into four period, in addition to meeting in panama, will also be in the uefa (September 16-17 in st. Petersburg), Africa's (September 30 to October 1st in Cairo), the Asian football confederation and Oceania football (October 29 to 31) in Kuala Lumpur.

The meeting will be around FIFA recently issued the Brazilian World Cup technical report and data statistics (hereinafter referred to as "" report") are discussed, the coaches and experts by FIFA team's 284 - page technical report writing, divided into the development trend of world football, tactics for the World Cup, the continents team analysis, and the outcome decision factors.

The "report" in combination with the tournament analyses the development trend of world football, think that attacking football become the trend of The Times, the team by observing and attack speed is key to win the hand, the formation tend to round constantly transformation rather than static, simply the ball is hard to win. This technical report will no doubt play a key guiding role to the development of world football, and for learn Chinese football around also has a reference value.