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FIFA transfer ban actually hurt someone

For most teenagers, when 18-year-old is coming when, how exciting would Fifa Coins be one thing. They yearned to the arrival of this milestone age, because since you can be more independent and can do many previously allowed to do: get the right to vote, you can test a driver's license, and even beloved companion companions can stay together. However, the South Korean teenager Lisheng Yu, a 18-year-old is even more significant meaning: You can play in the match on behalf of Spanish giants Barcelona.

Early January 2016, Lisheng Yu finally ushered in his 18th birthday. Coincidentally, this happens and Barcelona to lift the ban on the transfer time coincides. Early in 2011, Li Shengyu he had "transfer" to the Catalan giants, but it is also a minor player in this series to Barcelona transfer issues, making himself suffered a transfer ban FIFA's punishment.

In 2010, in Johannesburg, South Africa's "Danone Cup (World U12 Football Tournament)", the 12-year-old representative of Li Shengyu Korean team participated in the competition, outstanding performance in Barcelona he soon attracted the attention of scouts.Li Shengyu won the Golden Boot in that World Cup Danone, which also makes fifa 15 coins ios the Barcelona scouts determined to bring him to La Masia youth academy famous. However, the transfer awful fame has also attracted the attention of FIFA, as the investigation deepens, FIFA transfer rules violate Article 19 cases (ie only players older than 18 years old before they can carry out the international transfer) of Barcelona was finally transfer ban imposed two penalties.

 Logically speaking, Lisheng Yu and Baek Seung-ho in Barcelona promising future is also likely to become the first team mainstay. However, the impact of the ban so that they move in the future is full of variables. Messi at the age of 16 when he completed his first show on behalf of the Barcelona first team, although Argentine and spent 2 years to let their true become the team's main force, but before the age of 18 will be able to Barcelona B team and frontline Team continue playing the game, which on the path of growth in Macy is undoubtedly essential, but also to help him fully exploit their potential. If there is no move to ban it, Lisheng Yu and Baek Seung-ho early in the season will get a chance to play in the match of the Barcelona first team. However, for a long time no B team players with the experience and high level of competition baptism, we need to make up as well.

And other youngsters compared to Barcelona's youth academy, Li Shengyu and Baek Seung-ho also regarded as one of the lucky ones. Last September, FIFA will Barcelona youth academy of nine small players expelled from the team, even in the Masia training and life are not permitted, including Lisheng Yu. He and another youth Ming Basa South Korean teenager Jang (Jang Gyeol-Hee) went back to Korea, in the country's second-level league team Suwon FC training. Fortunately, soon it will be promoted to the FC Suwon Korea's first league (K League).