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FIFA trafficking miracle

C Lo no suspense aspirations ball, Messi places slightly ahead of Neuer occupy second place, the dispute is still unable to escape the ball C Luo and Macy's in control, do not know that this situation will continue for many more years.

Win the World Cup or the moon is very difficult, in the C Ronaldo and Lionel Messi at the time, people want to win the Golden Globe is equally difficult. "C Ronaldo Alfredo recognized achievement," this natural years, Macy some disorders, although his performance in the World Cup is acceptable. C Lo is very good, playing in the World Cup, he is wounded.

Currently in the Golden Globe race, Messi lead temporarily by 4 to 3, C-bite and hold the supernatural circumstances behind his own little two-year-old contrast, has a more than 90 goals scored last season even opponents pull two balls. C Lo said he will continue. "

Madrid players eventually get this award, congratulations to him. And in 2013, C Lo is not obtained in the case of sporting achievements won a Golden Globe, is Blatter gave him. "

Santee on C Lo is clearly a lot of negative comments:. "FIFA have to look at, who participated in the World Cup finals since winning players did not begin to host FIFA Golden Globe Awards has become both Messi and C Ronaldo individual game.

But C-2014 World Cup but was eliminated. Messi to the scene yesterday to add to the fun, he is ready to compete for the Golden Globes next.

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