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FIFA the Latest National Team Rankings

FIFA announced the latest issue of the FIFA ranking, Argentina continues to rank first, Belgium's ranking fell two, came to the world's fourth, and Spain's top 10, the Chinese soccer team ranked 84th in the world, ranking the 8th in Asia.

Compared with the previous FIFA ranking, South American powerhouse, the Americas Cup runner-up Argentina still occupy the top spot, the score reached 1621 points, although still ranked No. 1, but the points less 25 points, and in October two World Cup qualifiers, Argentina's record is also very general, only made a level 1 negative record, including 2-2 draw with Peru, 0-1 lost to Paraguay, Messi in the absence of the case, the Pampas Eagle struggling.

Germany in the two World Cup in October to get two straight, ranked third from the world rose to No. 2, Brazil also got two straight, ranked fourth from the world rose to No. 3. Belgium ranked second in the ranking, ranked fourth in the world, Colombia ranked fifth in the world.

Ranked in the 6-10 national teams are Chile, France, Portugal, Uruguay and Spain, where the Matador Legion rankings rose one, to return to the top 10. Other strong teams, the Welsh ranked 11th, England ranked 12th, and Italy ranked 13th.

China's men's soccer rankings fell 6; the latest ranking is 84, but still ranked No. 8 in Asia. The top 10 in Asia are Iran, Australia, South Korea, Uzbekistan, Japan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, China, Qatar and Syria.

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