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FIFA study whether playback technology is introduced

FIFA said recently that the rules committee will study the introduction of video replay technology, in order to help judges to rule on the pitch. FIFA President sepp blatter previously proposed to give the coach on the pitch was the right to challenge, the proposal will be held in 24 to 25 this month's FIFA to assess the council meeting.

Blatter in September at a meeting of the introduction of video replay technology is put forward. Blatter hope video replay technology can be used in a domestic league and in New Zealand in 2015 under the age of 20 World Cup match. Coach in the first half, and have the opportunity to challenge the refereeing decisions once or twice.

FIFA said that the meeting will study to set up the "penalty box" in the youth games, the requirements shall be punished athletes to temporarily leave not to sent off it outright. In addition, the meeting will also research to perfect the rules about the offside.

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