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FIFA sponsor loss again

After the united Arab emirates airlines, FIFA has lost its start sponsors SONY. According to Japanese media reports, SONY's $280 million FIFA sponsor will not continue after this year December 31.

FIFA has said they are in October and SONY, but from now, negotiation has come to an end. SONY is one of the six FIFA sponsor, the initial public offering in 1958, it was Brazil won the World Cup for the first time.

According to Japan's commercial media reports, SONY does not continue to sponsor FIFA because its losses and spending cuts, not FIFA's reputation.

Earlier, one of six FIFA sponsor emirates isn't in the contract, the contract to the 31st of December. The united Arab emirates airlines said there was "no live up to the expectations of assessment".

FIFA has 35% of its revenue from business partners, but Coca-Cola also said, "all things harm the image of the World Cup to our disappointment, such as bidding for the survey, we expect in a transparent and effective way to solve soon."

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