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FIFA sent a letter request their foreign aid back pay

Because in recent years about the Chinese super league club and the player's contract dispute more and more, as the Chinese super league attention more and more high, in the Chinese super league action natural and more attention by the outside world. Recently, the FIFA to the Chinese football association, sent a letter, to ask the Chinese football association in the check list and report to the league's contract dispute, and on the back pay situation in the league expressed strong dissatisfaction.

It is understood that since the professionalization, so far, foreign aid and foreign teachers to the FIFA demand compensation lawsuit for 45. In 1999, FIFA has received first aid contract dispute in the Chinese professional league, the Netherlands foreign aid haider to dalian wanda to FIFA, dalian wanda was sentenced to pay 500000 dollars, including fee.

FIFA letter to the Chinese football association nerve-racking, possibly relevant leaders asked related departments to find the professional clubs, find out how many club how many lawsuits. A few days ago, the Chinese football association in the "Chinese super working group" sent a notice, recently received a large number of FIFA said about China's professional clubs and correspondence of foreign aid, foreign teachers dispute, hope the club before September 23 report to their respective and foreign aid, foreign teachers a minor material, generalize things too simple and clear.

This is the first time in the history of the Chinese football association to face up to the club and the dispute of foreign aid, foreign teachers, and Zhang Jian "football" in accordance with the rules in accordance with the management. Actually, Zhang Jian since taking office on January 25, 2013, has been in research and problems of Chinese football fields.

Whenever see related events, such as case, Zhang Jian will ask the relevant departments, the existence of such rules and regulations, whether to perform the provisions of the Chinese football association. Zhang Jian made the purpose of the samples, is to set up the new order of Chinese football.

Previously, the Chinese football association in Qingdao and liu's transfer disputes, Zhang Jian from beginning to end have no involvement, one of the goals is to see functional departments really handle affairs by the chapter, additional inspection related department to make the conclusion of whether to stand the test of society.

The Chinese football association has said, in the hope that the club's lessons, study Beijing guoan, guangzhou evergrande wins the case, carefully review the past mistakes in international contract, let the real international legal experts and signed with the contract with the foreign aid, foreign teachers. At the same time, malicious breach of contract for the club, also want to establish a "blacklist", so as to urge all of you to preserve and enhance the image of Chinese football.