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FIFA said the sponsors not to renew normal behavior

FIFA's secondary sponsors castrol, Johnson &johnson has rejected the new sponsorship contract renewal at the 2018 World Cup, FIFA's response to the sponsor's not renew is normal business practices.

"Periodic end of sponsorship is natural, is also common in the sports industry. Sponsored by the chamber of commerce according to the brand development strategy, to reassess its sponsorship of attribute." Weill in FIFA's marketing director thierry said.

Over the past six months, 14 sponsor that five of the FIFA has completed the sponsorship cycle, gazprom has signed a new top-level sponsorship, and SONY and samsung and Qatar airways is expected to replace the united Arab emirates airlines.

"Eight secondary sponsors, budweiser and McDonald's have contract to the 2018 World Cup." Said will.

Recently sponsored a sharp retreat is considered a FIFA become a "toxic" brand, because all kinds of corruption and scandal reported in recent years.

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