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FIFA refused to publicly Qatar bribery case report

FIFA's ethics committee has about 2018 and 2022 World Cup of scandals has carried on the full investigation and have the final report turned over to the FIFA, but FIFA refused to open the 350 - page report to the outside world.

Earlier this year, the British media a tc scandals, Qatar in bribes were involved in the process of the 2022 World Cup campaign events. Sent shock waves through the matter a in world football. World each big media are done to Qatar, and the fa more tough attitude, they want FIFA to cancel Qatar World Cup qualification.

American Michael Garcia man of 2018 and 2022 World Cup bid process detailed investigation. Recently, Garcia on and has already completed the whole process of investigation to FIFA, Garcia recommendations at the end of the is not disqualified from held the World Cup in Qatar.

But according to the daily mail revealed that FIFA refused to Garcia, the 350 - page report to the public, a man named Joachim - confrontation with the judge in an interview with the Sunday times also confirm media reports: "I and my deputy is only allowed to read this report, but FIFA rules banning the report to the public outside."

FIFA, the secrecy is let itself is sensitive to Qatar scandals of the world's media more angry, FIFA's sports committee chairman John? Deller whiting in an interview with the Sunday times reporter of FIFA's approach to the criticism: "we were shocked by the way the FIFA, we were told in the first place the survey will be open, but if the Garcia's report is confidential, we cannot determine what is going on in the World Cup campaign of Qatar? This will damage the reputation of the FIFA."

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